Monday, July 03, 2006

It's a John Frusciante Day!

yes, we have many of those here at ochairball.

it's a JFD just because i listened to automatic writing most of the weekend and was awed by JF's uncommon talent. automatic writing is a collaboration of john, joe lally (fugazi) and josh klinghoffer (the bicycle thief and collaborator extraordinaire), collectively known as ataxia. it was released last year, part of JF's recording spree. i'm hoping for ataxia's second cd.

automatic writing has five long songs. i never was a long song person. but these enlightened me. "the sides" is one of the best. it's a song that goes right through you and raises your flesh. john has a way of recording that makes you feel like he's sitting in your living room.

compare this video

to this one.

inspiring how much one person can grow, even though i like the first video as well as the second.