Friday, July 07, 2006

Bono Asks for Answers

yahoo must be doing pretty good business with its "answers." now it's got high profile folks like Stephen Hawkings and Bono, supposedly asking for answers to world problems.
bono asked how to solve world poverty and there are about 23,000 answers so far.

frankly, i think it's hypocritical for rich celebrity types to try and save the world. if they gave up most of their wealth and lived like normal people, then, yeah, maybe people would be more willing to listen to their preaching. lead by example.

but they do have their followers who will donate to their organizations and the rich celebs are in reality doing good deeds. but isn't that what they should be doing, given the fact they have wealth (power)?

not that i don't admire bill gates, or warren buffett giving up $37 BILLION, at first i thought it was million. way to go warren. but i think it's going to take the average joe, regular people at the grass roots level to solve world problems, not rich folks throwing their money around. it will also take a culture shift because in america, even poor people aspire to be rich.

people want for more than their share. but how much is enough? is it okay to drive around that ferrari that you've worked hard for? i don't know. is it ok to drive a $40,000 car? is it ok to drive a $20,000 car, when there are much cheaper cars. Don't know.

is it ok to have 50 pair of shoes in your closet? I don't know. five pair? is that too many? is it ok for company presidents to be making exhorbitant amounts of money? they work hard. what's exhorbitant? $500,000 a year? $100,000 a year? i don't know. will money solve the problem of poverty? don't know. but don't think so. and does having more than your share take away from others? don't know. but i think so.

but hey, at least yahoo! is making money, getting lots of publicity. it will be able to keep people employed and keep its chiefs in the money and maybe donate to bono's One organization.