Saturday, July 08, 2006

Lives of Mapmakers

my friend Alicia Conroy's newly published book of short stories. congratulations! can't wait to read it. it already got its first good review in Utne magazine:
Lives Of Mapmakers
by Alicia L. Conroy (Carnegie Mellon University)

In her debut collection of short fiction, Alicia Conroy seamlessly slips between the mundane and the surreal, crafting landscapes where mermaids tumble from creek beds, spring doesn't always follow winter, and bodies consistently resist definition. While some elements are more successful-her delicate rendering of desire in "Bad Hand" makes the protofeminist imagery of "Women Who Dream of Corn" seem almost overplayed-on the whole, Lives of Mapmakers is sensual and gratifying. Each story is distinct as Conroy exercises a range of narrative techniques and voices, but together they're a coherent exploration of longing, hope, and the pursuit of meaning. -Julie Hanus

i hope i'm there one day. until then....