Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Romney on Student Debt: Get a Good Job

Regarding student loan debt – a pertinent issue for college students – Romney again opposed government handouts -- or any form of government relief for suffering students, for that matter -- but predicted President Obama would not do the same. "Best thing I can do for student debt is get you a good job when you come out," Romney said. "And by the way, get ready for President Obama's claim ... I know he is going to come out at some point and talk about how he is going to make it vanish. And that's another -- here I'll give you something for free -- and I'm not going to do that." msnbc
Clearly, Mitt doesn't know what Obama has already done. He's expanded Pell grants and added the income-based repayment plan for federal student loans. He also expanded the tax benefits for college costs. Also, Obama knows what it's like to have student debt. Obama often tells the story of how long it took he and Michelle to pay off their student loans. Mitt Romney, silver spoon in mouth, hasn't had student debt. He's probably never had to get a loan for anything. He's not normal people and therefore, he can't relate to normal people problems.