Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Romney on Jay Leno Video March 27

So, I guess you need some backstory on this if you don't already know it, otherwise it won't make any sense. Yesterday, Obama was "caught" on mic speaking to Russia's Medvedev, who Obama has a good working relationship with.
Obama made light of it today.
No one really knew what they were talking about, but Romney took the moment and tried to make hay out of it and jumped to all sorts of conclusions, which caused John Boehner to say that the President of the US shouldn't be criticized when he's overseas.
Anyway, part of Romney's ramblings was to call Russia a "geopolitical foe," whatever the heck that means, which caused Russia to say Romney's living in the past. If you ask me, he's a hack when it comes to foreign policy. As a presidential candidate you don't run around saying stuff about nations that we have good relations with. All republicans live in the past when it comes foreign policy. They don't understand that every nation isn't going to bend to our will.
Romney was in California today to raise money. He probably had time to stop off and check to see how his car elevator in his beachfront home was coming along. He's doing some expanding, tripling the size of his La Jolla home. Check out Romney's other homes.