Sunday, March 25, 2012

Meet the Press March 25

See clips of David Plouffe on MTP here.

This clip of David Plouffe on State of the Union has clips of what Newt and Santorum said about Obama's comments on Trayvon Martin. It shows how little empathy, how little understanding on behalf of the GOP and how out of touch republicans are on issues of race and diversity. They just don't get it. At the heart the GOP problem is they are a group of people afraid that white people are becoming the minority. Republicans always speak from that core belief. Aside from being reprehensible comments, they are ignorant comments. In the MTP clip above, Haley Barbour also demonstrates a sort of obliviousness. The facts of the killing of Trayvon are being diluted. The facts are Zimmerman pursued Trayvon -- who was unarmed -- and shot and killed him, and Zimmerman is still free. That's wrong by any moral code. A boy is dead. Hello.