Tuesday, March 20, 2012

House Budget Boosts the Rich on Backs of Poor and Middle Class

Typical republicans. Give more to the rich believing that they'll trickle it down. I think we've seen trickle down doesn't work. I understand Medicare and Social Security need to be fixed for the long haul, but why rig the system so that it benefits the rich above everyone else?
But this budget plan isn’t content just to take from the poor and middle class—it also gives generously to the rich. It protects existing tax breaks for those at the top of the income spectrum, and then goes the next step and offers them huge new tax cuts. Rep. Ryan and his colleagues insist that the more than $3 trillion in tax cuts for the rich won’t result in lower revenue, but are deliberately vague about how the numbers could possibly add up. The reality is that the only way to pay for such huge tax cuts for the 1 percent is to make the 99 percent pick up the tab. Read on

The plan doesn't reform Medicare, it just shifts the cost to the recipients.