Thursday, August 18, 2011

Vacation Days: Obama 61, Reagan 121, Bush 200

Obama leaves for Martha's Vineyard today and CBS has its annual vacation day report.
Every year people begrudge Obama time with his two young daughters. It's petty and just another sign of a nation falling apart. For people who think government is inconsequential, they certainly want their government to do a lot for them.
If we believe that vacations help recharge your batteries, why wouldn't we want the president take a vacation?
At this point in his term, compared to other presidents, Obama has had 61 vacation days. Reagan had 121, Bush 200. WATCH.
At similar points of time in their terms, Obama had similar approval ratings to Reagan , who was also dealing with an economic crisis that wasn't near as big as this one: Go to Gallup's presidential job approval center, click on compare presidents tab, click on Reagan.