Sunday, August 14, 2011

Meet the Press from Ames Iowa

Tim Pawlenty wants to be president so bad that he dropped out after the Iowa straw people voted him third, where only 17,000 people voted, people who tend to vote for fringe candidates. I guess he proved his worth.
Here's a clip of Michele Bachmann trying to mask her fanaticism. I knew she disliked gay people, but I didn't realize how much. What she said about gay people is appalling. She's an awful human being, certainly not worthy of being president of the American people. Realistically, she has ZERO chance of being elected.
Bachmann is smarter than Palin but that isn't saying much.

Jake Tapper's roundtable. It's not Perry's Texas accent, per se, it's the bravado that goes with it. This is essentially an Obama bashing session. It starts with the assumption that Obama has failed: