Saturday, August 20, 2011

Obama Visits Bunch of Grapes Bookstore

Yesterday, Obama and his daughters went book shopping.
As the black Suburban carrying the president and his family pulled up, the crowd, which continued to grow, cheered and waved.

Daughters Sasha and Malia left the vehicle first, followed by their father, and they entered the bookstore. A member of the security team walked over to the corner of Main Street and Cromwell Lane. Times managing editor Nelson Sigelman, who had stepped out for a stroll, was standing on the corner along with a small group of people.

"Who wants to be lucky and meet the President," an agent said. "We can take 30 people."

One by one the group was scanned with an electronic security wand and lined up from the sidewalk to the waiting vehicle to greet the president when he left the bookstore. "Stand strong," one man said as he shook Mr. Obama's hand.

"Nice to see you," Mr. Obama said as he shook Mr. Sigelman's hand. "Nice to see you, too, welcome to Martha's Vineyard," the newspaperman replied.

"Four more years," some members of the crowd began to yell. Read more at MV TIMES
MV Gazette had the scoop on the book Obama bought: "The Bayou Trilogy," by Daniel Woodrell and "Rodin's Debutante" by Ward Just. Apparently Just is a local.