Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Jon Stewart on the Downgrade

Americans should've stood united AGAINST Standard and Poor's yesterday. Republicans and democrats alike should've stood on either side of Obama as he discussed the downgrade. Instead he was alone. Congress is on a month-long recess after all.
Instead, the tea party jeered and cheered. They're one step closer to taking down government. I don't think the average American understands exactly what the tea party has in mind.
Republicans piled on. I mean piled on Obama, trying to score as many political points as possible. What a pathetic show it was, especially after republicans created the problem in the first place. We could've just raised the debt ceiling and saved budget talks for later, when the whole world wasn't watching the inanity. Republicans were bent on making a spectacle. Republicans appear to think they're giving everyone some nasty medicine. But there are some people out in the US of A who don't get a month of recess, who are paid barely enough to survive, who are just hanging on in this economy. We didn't need our own Congress to invent a problem.
As usual Jon Stewart puts things in perspective: