Friday, August 12, 2011

Obama Won the GOP Debate

I'm not saying this in a partisan way, the GOP ought to be embarrassed about its candidates. Even Jon Huntsman was disappointing. He did go bold, though, advocating for civil unions. For sure, that lost him the nomination. The republican party is so out of touch.
Mitt Romney is the front runner? That's the best they've got? To think I thought Romney was going to beat Obama. I apologize for those thoughts I had last week.
Let's just say Rick Perry has a pretty good shot at winning the GOP nomination.
They all seemed pretty angry. They all sounded like comedians, not serious adults.
Ron Paul made his usual points. I agree with his stance on war and you always know where he stands on issues, but he gets so emotional, not the kind of temperament you'd want for a president in the White House.
Believe it or not, Michele Bachmann -- as crazy as her beliefs are, as unelectable as she is -- looked like the only grown up there. She answered a question about being submissive to her husband with grace. Tim Pawlenty tries too hard and he looks like he's trying to hard. He's out of his zone.
If you get a chance, watch the whole thing. It was on Fox News, of course, which added a circus-like atmosphere.

No, Romney wouldn't extend unemployment benefits, but here's how he said it:

Tim Pawlenty likes to say "Barack Obama:"

Santorum is very afraid of Iran. He gets into it with Ron Paul: