Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Obama to Speak on Jobs to Joint Session of Congress Sept. 7

Update: Obama agrees to Boehner's request, moves his speech to Sept. 8.
Update: Boehner says no (first time in history?) to Obama's request to speak to Congress (a formality) Sept. 7. Here's a plan. Obama should give his speech to the American people, same time, same bat channel, then bring a joint session of Congress together to watch the rerun by themselves.

The Hill says Obama has requested a joint session on Sept. 7 for his jobs speech. The speech is slated for 8 pm eastern. It will be on your TVs and live streamed here.
Romney gives his speech Sept. 6.
The GOP debate is the same day, same time (that could change) as Obama's speech.
The Social-Security-is-a-Ponzi-scheme Rick Perry will be present, so potentially, if the times stay the same, the choice that night will be substance vs. entertainment.