Tuesday, July 28, 2009

DeMint Defends Obama Against Birther Nonsense

Well, Mr. Waterloo's respectability level just went up. Few with any standing are stepping up to put an end to the birther nonsense. Mike Huckabee has, Ann Coulter has. But they don't have clout. Most seem to want to perpetuate it and other republicans seem to believe it.
With that, Jim DeMint needs to mind his language. "Socialist" or "socialism" should not be used because it's over the top and it is birther (racists) code.
"I may have disagreements with [the president] on issues," DeMint told the Huffington Post. "But he is my president, he deserves our respect, and we need forget that nonsense ...

"He is not only a citizen," he added, "he is our president."

It was a small nicety amid an otherwise familiar barnburner DeMint address. Speaking at the Heritage Foundation to promote his new book, "Saving Freedom," the South Carolinian warned that the president was "running wild" on a fast track to socialism. Read more at HP

DeMint explains why he's afraid of a public option: