Thursday, April 19, 2012

Romney's Math Problem Leaves Him Short of 270

Even if Obama loses Florida, Ohio and New Hampshire, he still wins. Chuck Todd tries to spice things up by coming up with a tie scenario, which he says keeps him up at night.
Romney has alienated Hispanic voters and there really is no way of shaking the Etch A Sketch on that one. The Romneys, and their lack of humility and grace, are always just one gaffe away from messing things up for themselves.
I don't like to pick on political spouses, but Ann Romney threw herself in the ring in a big way, so I'll say she appears to have a pettiness about her and the same out of touch-ness as her husband, and that's going to get her into trouble.
Another problem for Mitt is he keeps talking as if the economy isn't recovering. It's been recovering since the stimulus kicked in. Also, what does Mitt stand for? The only reason to vote for him is that you're a republican and he's a republican. Other than that, who knows where he stands on issues? What does he think about education? We've heard he wants to eliminate the Dept. of Education? Then what. Roe v. Wade? What are his intentions? Where does he stand on anything? The media needs to start nailing him down on his plans: