Thursday, April 19, 2012

Romney Blames Obama in Front of Plant Closed Under Bush

Willard Romney, who I just discovered was named after his father's friend, J. Willard Marriott, the hotelier, is such a liar face.
But this could also be another instance of republicans being clueless as to the real Obama record. Republicans created an imaginary Obama to oppose and have had trouble dealing in reality.
Romney used the closed National Gypsum plant as a backdrop to say that Obama's policies have failed. Meanwhile, the plant actually closed under Bush.
Lorain Mayor Chase Ritenauer stood alongside Lorain City Council President Joel Arrendondo and Lorain Councilman Eddie Edwards, D-5th Ward, and they all agreed the Republican Romney’s claims that the plant closed due to President Barack Obama’s failed economic policies is just plain wrong.

“The plant was closed in 2008 — some months after candidate Obama visited during a campaign stop,” Ritenauer said. “It was closed under former President Bush. Mr. Romney needs to stop placing the blame on Obama.”

A collapse of the housing market compounded by speculation and lack of regulations were cited as a major factor leading to the wallboard-making plant’s eventual shutdown, which put 58 people out of work, Ritenauer said. Chronicle Telegram
I guess I'm so used to Obama's humility and cucumber cool and class that Romney only rings childish, like a big meany head: