Monday, April 16, 2012

Michelle Obama's Interview with NPR April 16

So NPR's Michel Martin, host of Tell Me More, asked First Lady Michelle Obama during an interview scheduled to air Tuesday how she deals with the pressures of being both the president's wife and the mother of school-age children.

Mrs. Obama, however, didn't accept Michel's premise:

"I have to disagree. I don't have the stressful job. He does. I have the privilege of working on the issues that I choose and the issues that I feel most passionate about.

"There are definitely pressures that come from being in the spotlight, but they are far overshadowed by the amount of great things I've been able to do and the impact I've been able to have. And to be able to do it in the warmth of the White House and to do it around people who do care about my kids and a country that has been respectful of mu children and their privacy, it has been less stressful than I would have imagined for me.

"The president's job is a lot harder. That's why I'm working hard to get him re-elected. Because he's handled himself with a level of grace and poise that not many people could given the challenges he's faced.

"Our girls are good and I will keep working putting them first as I think any family would, any mother would their children. I don't think I'm any different in that respect. I think in the end I want to make sure my kids come out of this thing on the other end in one piece. But I also know that's how the rest of the country feels as well. For that, I am grateful." Read more at NPR