Monday, April 16, 2012

Romney Supporter Ted Nugent

Update April 18: Nugent scored a meeting with the Secret Service. I'm learning more about Nugent than I had hoped. Apparently, Nugent has always been a real live jerk and had a weakness for girls.
Mitt Romney sought Nugent's endorsement. Nugent wanted Rick Perry.

Ted Nugent, whoever he is, is out of his bird. And really creepy. It strikes me that if Romney supporters like this guy could just recognize or fess up to being racist, we could have a real conversation about bigotry. Nugent doesn't appear to have any legitimate beefs. Obama hasn't backed any gun control legislation, hasn't done anything to restrict gun rights or hunting. But Nugent speaks the racist code. We all know it's racist code, but we can't talk about racism because the racists don't even want to admit it. They need to stop being cowards and say what they really mean: