Friday, January 27, 2012

Romney Camp Tries the Scare-The-American-People Tactic

John McCain, The Bitter One (I felt the hate oozing through the wire), a Mitt surrogate now, tells NPR that Obama has made the world unsafe and that we may go to war with Iran. Just yesterday, Iran said it was ready for talks. Now, given that it's Iran, that may not mean much. But I much prefer a level-headed cool cucumber approach to foreign policy than the views of a hot-headed man who's still bitter about losing to Obama. It seems to me, the one-president-at-a-time policy ought to apply. These guys shouldn't be talking about war like it's a trip to the candy store:
"History will judge this president incredibly harshly, with disdain and scorn for his failure to come to the moral assistance of the 1.5 million Iranians that were demonstrating in the streets of Tehran," Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., told Morning Edition host Steve Inskeep today. Those demonstrators, McCain said, were "crying out ... literally crying out ... 'Obama, Obama, are you with us?' ... If we had given them some moral support, it might have made some difference." Read or listen at NPR