Sunday, January 22, 2012

Prickly Newt on Meet the Press Jan. 22

The GOP primary is far from over. To win the nomination, the republican needs to win 1,144 delegates. So far, Newt has 24, Mitt has 23, Paul as 3 and Santorum has 1. Florida has 50 delegates up for grabs. All 50 will go to the winner.
As an Obama supporter, I'm pleased with Newt's win. It's forced Mitt to release his tax returns before it's all over (He's releasing them the day of the State of the Union & the day after another republican debate, which is tomorrow). And contrary to popular republican wisdom, Newt wouldn't stand a chance against Obama in the general election. The mistake that the republicans have made is that they've created an imaginary Obama to serve as the enemy, one they perceive as "radical" and "socialist" and this and that, which isn't even close to reality. They're battling an Obama that doesn't exist. Whenever republicans talk about Obama it's as if they live in an alternate universe.

The republican establishment is not so happy with Newt's win. As someone on Twitter said, they're scheduling a hunting trip for Newt and Dick Cheney. And as Joe Scarborough tweeted, last night's win wasn't about Newt. It was a primal scream against the republican establishment.