Saturday, May 28, 2011

Rolling Thunder Says Palin Wasn't Invited and is a Distraction

Rolling Thunder, the annual motorcycle rally that honors the nation's veterans, says it didn't invite Sarah Palin, who is kicking off her bus tour at Rolling Thunder, and they say she's a distraction. Once again Palin has stolen the media spotlight. Every other story is about Palin, which only makes her and her family richer and richer.
Palin is NOT running for president. I repeat: Palin is NOT running for president. The media knows this. But Palin is easy to despise. Covering her requires no work on the part of the media. The media should be reporting on more worthy topics but the media is so easily manipulated.
Palin's pushing buttons. She thrives on opposition. She likes to be heard.
If someone repeated everything that I had to say, if someone contributed to my nest feathering, I'd go on a bus tour too! She may be ignorant but she's not brain dead. She knows she couldn't be president.