Sunday, May 15, 2011

No Chance Newt on Meet the Press May 15 Video

Newt Gingrich has ZERO chance to be elected president. It's not certain if HE knows that. David Gregory pretty much let Gingrich spout. He didn't even challenge Newt on WHY people are on food stamps-- the hand-me-down economy that went bust. All Obama has been doing since he took office is cleaning up the mess, one after another like dominoes. Thank goodness people were able to get food stamps. If republicans had their way, there wouldn't be programs like food stamps.
Another thing, I'm so tired of the media catering to Newt as the "intellectual" and the "ideas" guy, just like they did with McCain the Maverick.
And another thing, stop with the Reagan this, Reagan that.
Lastly, I don't care that he had three wives and affairs and just turned Catholic about a year or so ago. But glass house conservatives won't choose Newt based on that. So who is left to elect Newt?