Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mitch Daniels Plunges Into GOP Pit

It's almost as if the GOP is conspiring to let Obama have an easy win in 2012. I had thought that Mitch Daniels might be different from the rest of the republicans. He seemed like a moderate, pragmatic guy, a relatively decent republican contender for president. But he's proved he's just like the rest of them wallowing in the GOP pit of muck and yuck. Taking a stand against Planned Parenthood is nothing but foolish. It also shows he's a coward, just like the rest of the republican pack.
Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels (R) announced Friday that he plans to sign legislation that would prevent Planned Parenthood in the state from receiving Medicaid funds. When he does, Indiana will be the first state to take that step.

“I will sign HEA 1210 when it reaches my desk a week or so from now,” Daniels said. “I supported this bill from the outset, and the recent addition of language guarding against the spending of tax dollars to support abortions creates no reason to alter my position.” WaPo