Thursday, April 14, 2011

White House Press Briefing April 14

Jack Lew, director of the United States Office of Management and Budget, kicks off the briefing. Lew says the GOP budget plan's savings (cuts) are concentrated in Medicare and Medicaid. He said the GOP cuts to Medicare/Medicaid would "change the social fabric of this country." I think that's exactly what the GOP is trying to do. Republicans seem to believe that everyone is a rugged individualist and that everyone can take care of themselves and that all teens have a family who will support them if they get pregnant, and that no child needs anything but their family, and that all children have a family and are well cared for, and that all parents can afford to pay their sick children's healthcare, and that all disabled people are 100% self-sufficient, and that there are no foster children who need help, and that no one ever gets so sick that they can't pay for their health bills, and that all people get a good education and that no one ever makes a mistake that would lead them to need temporary assistance, and that seniors would be able to make deals with insurance companies, and that every older, disabled person has a family that would care for them, and that all people could make enough money in their lifetime to retire with dignity, and that rich people create jobs and make the nation a better place for everyone.