Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tea Party's O'Donnell Cancels Two Sunday Show Appearances

Update: I guess this is the reason she canceled.

She was likely pressed by republican leadership to cancel so that she could work on being more polished, to put it politely. In May, Rand Paul was also forced to cancel his appearance on Meet the Press. Rand Paul said he was exhausted. The republicans are trying to tame their fledglings.
Tea party favorite Christine O'Donnell, whose Republican primary upset in Delaware's Senate race shocked the GOP, canceled appearances Sunday on two national news shows.
O'Donnell had been set to appear on "Face the Nation" on CBS and "Fox News Sunday."
Campaign spokeswoman Diana Banister cited scheduling conflicts and said O'Donnell needed to return to Delaware for commitments to church events and afternoon picnic with Republicans in a key county where she has solid backing. msnbc