Wednesday, September 29, 2010

After Spending $100 Million Meg Whitman Just Lost

Update Sept. 30: Allred produces solid evidence that Whitman (or at least her husband) knew her housekeeper was possibly undocumented, even though it doesn't really matter. Whitman says employers should be held accountable for hiring only documented workers. She needs to be held accountable.

As far as I'm concerned Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown are both lousy candidates for California governor. It makes me sick to have to vote for either of them.
I'd boot all politicians from California government because at this point nearly anyone could run the state better. Let's let fifth graders run the state.
But Whitman's firing her housekeeper after 9 years of employment because she asked for help with documentation is cold blooded.
Whitman just wasted $100 million to get herself elected. Why didn't Whitman out herself earlier? Why did she try to hide the fact that she hired an undocumented worker, unwittingly or not?
Whitman appears to be legally safe. She says she didn't know her housekeeper was illegal and unless Allred has proof, the housekeeper doesn't have a case.
But from a human and political perspective, Whitman should've known the woman was undocumented. After 9 years, she should know the person who's cleaning her house, someone who's spending time with her children, or at least around her children. I would have checked up and down someone who was spending time around my children.
Whitman also is opposed to immigration reform, which makes her a hypocrite. Actually, it's been kind of hard to tell where she stands on immigration reform, which is a serious issue, especially for California.
Whitman is right that her former housekeeper is being manipulated by Gloria Allred. That's what Allred does. And yes it is politics as usual, but Whitman could've handled things better. Her former housekeeper is now facing a heap of legal troubles thanks to an ignorant employer.
How can we expect Whitman to run a state when she's clueless to who she employs.

In her recent debate, she said we need to hold employers responsible for hiring illegal immigrants: