Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Obama's Rally at University of Wisconsin

Full video:

Obama tells the car in a ditch story:

Update 7:48: A fired up Obama said change is not a spectator sport. "We are being tested right now." The other side is counting on you staying home, he said. They're counting on your apathy. Change happens because of you. He retold his car in a ditch story, a perfect analogy that goes like this: The republicans drove the car in the ditch and when dems tried to get it out, the republicans sat on the sidelines sipping on slurpees. When dems finally got the car out of the ditch, a little beat up, the republicans asked for the keys back.
The rally left me with the feeling that maybe, just maybe, the media is all wrong, that the cake isn't baked, that the narrative that everybody hates Obama just isn't true.
I'll post video when it's up.

Update 7:09 pm: Obama just took the stage.
Update: Russ Feingold says to the crowd: This doesn't look like an enthusiasm gap to me, but republicans are already dancing in the end zone.

Update 6:42 pm eastern: Ben Harper now playing.

The rally looks pretty packed and people look enthused, contrary to recent media reports that says young people have checked out of politics.

Obama's rally, the first of the season I believe, starts at 6:30 pm eastern with music by Ben Harper. Watch here. Live blog here.

CNN will also have a live stream at 7 pm eastern here.
Or you can watch live right here: