Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rubio Defends O'Donnell as a Non Expert

The Florida republican candidate for Senate, Marco Rubio, says people don't want experts representing them. I agree. Who needs expert politicians. An expert teacher or an expert airline pilot is another matter. But an expert politician? eh. Rubio, however, was arguing on behalf of Christine O'Donnell who clearly is NOT an expert. She appears to be flakey, someone who doesn't possess the personal value of fiscal responsibility. It's insulting that even moderate republicans are lining up to support her. But I suppose that's what expert politicians do.
“We actually have some people running that are not particularly experienced or maybe as skilled as some, in Delaware for instance, where there are some real questions about Christine O’Donnell,” the group asked Rubio, Florida’s Republican nominee for the Senate.

“The republic works and isn’t designed to elect a bunch of experts,” Rubio responded.

“Really to be an expert in our republic means to know what life is like in the real world,” added Rubio, who did not mention O’Donnell by name in his response. “I think that’s the promising thing of this election.

"I think the more you are in touch with the real lives of everyday people; the better you are going to be as a representative of those people in a Republic.” Read more at Politico.