Thursday, September 16, 2010

Character Attacks on Tea Partiers Will Backfire

Don't people get it?
The more people attack the character of tea party candidates, the more inclined people will be to vote for them. Their wackiness, their weirdness, their out there-ness is attractive to many Americans right now. The fact that Karl Rove rails against Christine O'Donnell is just another feather in her cap. Heck, I even think that's cool. Rove IS a "good ol' boy."
Republicans WILL stand behind O'Donnell. Even Karl.
O'Donnell was an abstinence campaigner, to which I say, so what. There are worse things she could be. She's apparently had financial troubles. Who hasn't?
The politicians we have in office now lie, cheat, steal and have affairs. What's the difference? Most politicians have character issues.
People need to keep perspective (only 30,000 people voted for her in a closed primary).
Democrats need to listen to Joe Biden and get in gear.

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