Sunday, November 18, 2012

What Really Happened to Hostess

The company failed to compete, failed to modernize and the CEO paid himself too much. Also, its marketing was horrible. Does any one have a good thought about Twinkies? I might also add that companies that fail to recognize the value of their workforce will always fail. You can’t run a company and be in conflict with the bulk of your workers. Executives blaming the workforce is absurd. Management is ALWAYS responsible for the life and death of the company. That's why they are management. That's what management does, manages. Romney and the republican party gave CEOs and heads of companies the license to whine and scapegoat workers.

The ABC roundtable was pretty good, except for Newt. He and Ann Coulter should never be present at a roundtable. I don't agree with George Will at all, but he's consistent and believes in what says. Newt is a political opportunist.