Sunday, November 11, 2012

Papa Johns John Schnatter Might Want to Cut Back on Political Donations

Republican business owners tried to buy Romney, but failed. Now, republican business owners are biting back, taking it out on their employees. Papa Johns founder says he's cutting worker hours because of Obamacare, which doesn't really kick in until 2014. If republican business owners rationally explained why Obamacare might hurt them, then I might listen. But their hatred of the president is so personal and visceral that I tend to think that it has nothing to do with business.

Fact: If customers were buying his pizza, he wouldn't be cutting back worker hours. For Schnatter and others, they gambled their money on Mitt and lost. Check out Schnatter's home in Kentucky, where he hosted Mitt for a fundraiser. Seems to me, Schnatter might want to cut back on the political donations instead. I hope folks learned that they can't buy the White House, and for that, we are a great nation.