Thursday, November 29, 2012

Obama's Expanding Lead Over Romney: 50.9 to 47.4

Because Obama is black there seemed to be all kinds of assumptions by the media and Romney strategists about who would and who wouldn't vote for him. I hope Obama and Mitt get a chance to discuss Stu Stevens at lunch today. I hope Mitt takes a heaping helping of Humble Pie. He is in dire need. It's also interesting that votes are STILL being counted.
Obama’s victory was more decisive than Bush’s in ’04: And here’s one final observation about the 2012 race. Per the excellent work by the Cook Political Report’s David Wasserman, Obama’s national lead over Romney continues to expand as votes keep on coming in. It’s now Obama 50.9%, Romney 47.4%. That’s a bigger (and more decisive) margin than Bush’s victory over John Kerry in 2004 (which was Bush 50.7% and Kerry 48.2%). What’s more, the president’s lead has grown to close to 3 points in Ohio, 4 points in Virginia and 6 points in Colorado. One doesn’t win Colorado by six points without winning swing voters; there isn’t a big-enough Democratic base to make that argument. NBC