Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ron Paul on Meet the Press Dec. 11 Video

Of all the republicans, Ron Paul is probably the best candidate. The dirty secret is, our economy will recover no matter who's in office, but we need someone very adult and wise at the helm of foreign policy. Next to Obama, Ron Paul has a foreign policy I'd love to see enacted.
If only he wasn't so ideological. His philosophy depends on "free" people doing the right thing all the time.

Mitt lost on the $10,000 bet. The moment he said it, folks were stunned because in the real world $10K buys a lot. Another thing, Gov. Terry Brandstad of Iowa suggests, like all republicans do, that Obama spent money willy nilly, just because he felt like it. We were in the biggest recession ever, so big that no one really knew at the time just how big. The greatest job losses came while George Bush was in office. Obama took office at a crisis point. Obama spent money to stimulate the economy, and contrary to popular belief, it worked in as much as it kept us out of Depression. Austerity would've made things worse. But republicans will milk it until it's dry because it works.
On to Mitt. The media and pundits wonder why Romney isn't moving up in the polls, when the answer is simple. Being the type of "Christians" that they are, republican primary voters just aren't going to vote for a Mormon. In addition, Mitt is phony. His laugh, his smile, everything about him is fake.
Newt is only doing "extraordinarily well" because Mitt is not. I get the feeling that republican primary voters are thinking that Newt will be the best to debate Obama. Republican primary voters think so little of Obama and only know what their prejudices allow them to, that they have no idea how wrong they are. But that's okay. Goooooooo Newt!
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