Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Rick Perry Learns From a DVD

Rick Perry says he changed his stance on abortion because he watched a DVD. Pathetic. I happen to think that if you are going to be against abortion, it's logical to be against all forms of abortion, even in the case of rape. But changing your stance after watching a DVD is failed reasoning. If he were to become president, would he watch propaganda before he made his decisions? How would he choose which DVD to watch? Can you imagine Obama saying he changed his position on a serious issue because he watched a DVD? The GOP is pathetic. How are normal republicans standing for this reality TV clown show? What's wrong with everyone? This guy is an idiot. How was he elected to run a state? Are the republican candidates a reflection of the further dumbing down of the nation or just a political system gone awry? I think to myself, maybe the presidency is not such a big office with big adult responsibilities and any idiot could lead the nation, but ultimately, it's not true. Why are people so accepting of such inferior candidates for the presidency of the United States? Why have the republicans been so accepting of such shallowness?

And this? Very funny swipe at Newt, entertaining. But this is not supposed to be a reality show.

And Bachmann calling Ron Paul a bigot and too dangerous? Oh my.