Thursday, July 28, 2011

Upside of Default: We Will Have Reached Bottom

Seems to me that democrats have been the party of compromisers, which is a good thing, except for the fact that republicans are the party that wants everything it wants.
Dems have compromised on just about every issue that's been up for debate. This time they should hold, even if that means default.
If we default, it's doubtful Obama will take from social security recipients first. Those bills will get paid.
Besides, the nation already lost. Damage is already done.
It lost the minute the republicans decided to hold their vote to raise the debt ceiling hostage in exchange for spending cuts. The debt ceiling simply could've been raised, then the budget could've been discussed. A problem was created when there was none. It was created because our so-called leaders couldn't gather around the table and figure out how to solve this nation's problems.
It was created because republicans figured the only way they could get what they wanted was to hold the nation hostage because after all the democrats always compromise. You can't have one party of compromisers and the other not. Republicans are getting used to bullying their way around. That kind of behavior can't go on.
If we default, perhaps it would signify we've reached bottom, that Washington is as broken as it gets. Then perhaps we can get real about solving the nation's serious problems.