Tuesday, July 26, 2011

House Passes Bill for Oil Companies

On the debt/deficit side of things, the House of Tea Party (formerly the House of Representatives) is making sure corporations don't see any tax increases. Average Americans will bear the brunt of the deficit cuts if the republicans get their way. Today, the House passed a bill for the oil companies (it's not expected to do well in the Senate):
House Republicans approved legislation Monday to force the Obama administration to make a decision in the coming months on a controversial proposed pipeline project that would carry oil from Canada to Texas.

The House passed the bill in a 279-147 vote, mostly along party lines. Forty-seven Democrats voted in favor of the legislation, while three Republicans opposed it. The proposal faces an uphill battle in the Senate. 
TransCanada Corp.’s proposed Keystone XL project has ignited a firestorm in Washington in recent months amid a rash of pipeline incidents that have exacerbated long-standing objections to the proposal from environmental groups and many Democrats. The Hill