Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bill Daley on Meet the Press: Damage is Already Done Now Let's Save Ourselves

This debt ceiling problem was manufactured by the republicans. In normal times, or as it has been said on twitter, beforetherewereblackpresidents, the debt ceiling would simply be raised. Raising the ceiling is paying the bills that are owed, money already spent.
But republicans figured they could hold their vote to raise the debt ceiling hostage in exchange for cutting the deficit. Obama called their bluff and said let's do that. Let's cut the deficit, but let's do it the way it's supposed to be done--with tax revenue and spending cuts. Republicans put up the blockade because they vowed not to raise taxes, even though most economists say our deficit problem can't be solved without both revenue and spending cuts. Republicans were unwilling to compromise. Now, as White House chief of staff Bill Daley says damage already has been done. The U.S. is seen around the world as a country that is deeply divided. But there still is time to save ourselves from even more damage.

Full interview with Daley:

Chuck Hagel nails it, the number of centrists -- people tired of the ideological left and right -- is growing. I count myself among them. Doris Kearns Goodwin and Mayor Booker are always on the money. The country is more centrist than left or right combined. Goodwin says we need passionate centrists, people who understand that compromise is a good thing. Yes!
I don't know much about Adam Kinzinger, but he was pretty tame for a tea partier.

Full interview with Tom Coburn, who didn't really have anything new or exciting to add, just the same old stuff. People should know, though, that republicans are pushing for a short term deal because that will damage the economy more and therefore damage Obama. Their end goal is and has been to do whatever it takes to get Obama out of office.