Sunday, February 13, 2011

Meet The Press Feb. 13 Video

John Boehner says Obama handled Egypt as well as he could have. I agree. Obama handled the situation with wisdom and humility. Obama allowed the course of events to take place. The Egyptian people changed their history and world history by organizing themselves. The fact that the Egyptian people ousted their leader on their own is what will make this revolution more meaningful. Imagine if Iraqis were allowed to oust their leader on their time. Egypt is a huge lesson to the world in so many ways.

Boehner is wrong for not standing up to the birthers because it is disrespectful to the presidency, and it perpetuates ignorance and bigotry, which is even worse for the country than the deficit. Surprisingly, David Gregory pushed him on this issue, but politically, it doesn't serve Boehner to speak out against the birthers because birthers are republican voters. This issue will worsen until the media stops playing along and pretending that the birthers are just a group of people who believe Obama was born in another country. Birthers need to be called out for who and what they are -- bigots. They are irrational people who have a visceral hate for POTUS. They cloak their bigotry in birtherism.