Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fox News Types Oppose Democracy for Muslims

Fox News types oppose democracy for Egyptians -- and all Muslims -- because it doesn't fit into their ideological views and their twisted interpretation of the Bible. As bigots, they only see Muslims as terrorists. Islam in Glenn Beck's eyes is not a valid religion. Unfortunately, Beck has a TV show and has been allowed to spread his hatred. Beck is the evil that he rails against.
For years, it seems the only card Hosni Mubarak has held with the U.S. is that he has maintained the status quo with Israel. Fox News types don't believe that Muslims can have a democracy and be at peace with Israel. That's why some conservatives couldn't let go of Mubarak. They haven't opened their eyes to try and understand that the youth of Egypt doesn't seem interested in radical politics. Early on, I was skeptical about the Egyptian revolution. That's because I didn't know a thing about Egypt, its politics or what they wanted. But after learning and watching, I see people who want what everybody in the world wants. What happened in Egypt is truly amazing and if the people are supported, only good things can come of it.

Rachel Maddow takes a look at how the right now opposes democracy: