Monday, February 21, 2011

Hillary Clinton's Statement on Libya

Libyan military jets are bombing Libyans-- 160 to 225 are dead so far. Moments ago, Ghadhafi appeared for a second on TV to report his whereabouts -- he's in Tripoli, not Venezuela.
The world is watching the situation in Libya with alarm. We join the international community in strongly condemning the violence in Libya. Our thoughts and prayers are with those whose lives have been lost, and with their loved ones. The government of Libya has a responsibility to respect the universal rights of the people, including the right to free expression and assembly. Now is the time to stop this unacceptable bloodshed. We are working urgently with friends and partners around the world to convey this message to the Libyan government.
Higher gas prices are being blamed on unrest in the MidEast to which I say wahoo! It's sickening that our country is still so dependent on oil that we support all kinds of creeps just for the sake of stability, our own interests. It always comes down to oil. I hope gas prices go through the roof. It will be the only way changes will be made in this country.