Sunday, February 20, 2011

How Fox and Glenn Beck are Hurting America's Economic Recovery

Al Gore's documentary on global warming put me to sleep and for the far left climate change is a religion. But that doesn't mean that it's not happening. In fact, science says it is. But the ignorant, folks such as Glenn Beck, who expect to be raptured and therefore aren't concerned about the planet's future, continue to make a mockery out of climate change. Insightful piece by Tom Rand:
Another win for China

While America dithers on climate change, China is winning the fight for the biggest economic pie of the 21st century - the clean energy economy. Worse, China is playing the U.S. for a fool. And Fox's very own Glenn Beck, that most bellicose defender of the free market, is an unwitting stooge.

The U.S. has walked into a trap. To placate the far right, the U.S. has stated it will not commit to hard emissions targets as long as China refuses to do the same. The Chinese know this, and use it to their advantage. By refusing to agree to binding targets, China ensures the U.S. remains politically hamstrung, unable to pass the carbon legislation that would unleash American industrial might.

Beck's far-right, paranoid, climate-scam rhetoric may make great populist theater, and bring high ratings to Fox. But the net result is to help China keep the U.S. on the sidelines, while they capture the lucrative clean energy market, and all the jobs and investment that goes with it. Beck and Fox are hurting America's economic recovery.
While Beck rails against Marxist climate "conspiracy", China pours low-cost loans into state-owned wind farms, leveraging their demand for turbines to give Chinese manufacturers global advantages in scale. While Beck ridicules our scientific elite, another American solar company closes its local factories and moves to China, further establishing their massive lead in low-cost solar production.

Beck's ignorance of climate science, and his paranoid populist rhetoric of Marxist conspiracies, beggars our democratic free market. A price on carbon is not a left-wing conspiracy to control the world. It is the single best tool in our arsenal to unleash the might of our industry, capital and entrepreneurs against the very real threat of catastrophic climate change.Read more