Sunday, January 16, 2011

Michelle Obama Gets Round of Happy Birthday at Church

Tomorrow (Jan. 17) is Michelle Obama's birthday. The Obamas, the Bidens and others in the Obama administration will be volunteering tomorrow to celebrate the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.
President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama attended a church service in Washington this morning in which they and the crowd prayed for the victims in Tucson, Ariz.

During morning prayers, a speaker at Metropolitan AME church asked the congregation to remember “the people of Tucson, Ariz.;” worshipers responded with a chorus of “amens.”

The Right Rev. Adam J. Richardson praised the president’s memorial speech Wednesday in Tucson, and said: “Mr. and Mrs. Obama thank you for your leadership.”

The service also honored the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday on Monday.

And worshipers also recognized another significant date: They sang happy birthday to Michelle Obama, who turns 47 on Monday.

The Obamas attended the Metropolitcan African Methodist Episcopal Church