Friday, January 21, 2011

Books Given to Obama by World Leaders

Galley Cat lists some of the books that Obama has received as gifts from world leaders per a Federal Register report. The report lists all of the gifts Obama, the First Lady and other officials received in 2009:
French President Nicolas Sarkozy: “S.T. Dupont white gold pen set; book entitled Warhol: Le Grand Monde d’ Andy Warhol. Rec’d—9/25/2009. Est. Value— Fre$3,766.00.”

Mexican President Felipe Calderón: “The National Palace of Mexico; red and brown artwork made of Olinalá lacquer. Rec’d—1/20/2009. Est. Value—$400.00.”

Calderon also gave this: “Book entitled ‘‘The Aztec Calendar and Other Solar Monuments’’ by Eduardo Matos and Felipe Solis; one metal Aztec calendar on a wooden display stand. Rec’d—8/25/2009. Est. Value—$422.00. See more here.