Saturday, October 16, 2010

Obama Gets Mad in Boston

More democrats acting like fools, upset about AIDS funding, heckle Obama today in Boston, where he's campaigning for Deval Patrick.
Why would you heckle an ally, unless you're a complete idiot? Not even two years into his term and people have given up on voting, on civility and on making things better for everyone.
With that, I hope democrat Joe Manchin of West Virginia loses his bid as Senator because of his ad (see below) where he literally fires a shotgun at cap and trade, a la Sarah Palin, and says he will fix "Obamacare." ARSE.
Democrats are losers but not worse than republicans, which is why I remain happily independent.
If tea partiers are going to win this year, I hope they take the House and the Senate because Americans need to get it out of their system. They need to see that tea partiers are just angry and republicans are just republicans. It's the same old stuff. People are so easily manipulated and it seems politics is just about who's better at exploiting the masses.
I'll post the full video if it comes available.

More from the rally: