Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ken Buck: Birth Has Influence Over Being Gay Like Alcoholism

Ken Buck is the republican candidate--obviously--running for Senate in Colorado against Michael Bennet. People who consider homosexuality a choice have never spent time with gay people. That's the problem. People like Buck are cocooned with their fellow conservatives and just don't know any better.
It makes me crazy that a person like Buck is even being considered to represent Colorado in the Senate--the guy is up by 2 points. If he was the the greatest candidate in the world, I wouldn't elect him for based on his ignorance and prejudice alone. How can he represent Colorado when he clearly has no respect for a large number of people who live there? What's wrong with us?

Here's the whole debate between Bennet and Buck on Meet the Press:

Robert Gibbs was also on the show today. Gibbs said that democrats will retain the House and the Senate, but if the democrats can't get it together, can't grow a backbone, then what's the point?