Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Chuck Todd on How Big the Democrat Bloodbath Will Be

The media has been polling since the day Obama took office. They began dooming Obama's presidency at about the year mark and they foretold of the democrats' doom about six months ago. It's looking like all that negative narrative and polling is panning out.
The voters who turned out in 2008 are going to stay home for the midterms, according to the media and the pollsters.
Chuck Todd, who loves to report polling data, has moved on to predicting how big the democrat bloodbath will be. He looks to 3 races: Pennsylvania and Colorado will tell whether there was a republican wave and Washington will determine how big that wave is.
I've moved into the acceptance phase and I'm kind of looking forward to seeing how people who loathe government govern. It will be an interesting social experiment.
The republicans will get to take over an improving economy and worse, they'll take credit for it. But that's the way it is. Republicans are the better politicians and democrats have been weak.
Democrats haven't presented a united front, and they've spent most of their time arguing among themselves, using up most of their energy on the public option.
While republicans haven't done anything for the American people, republicans have managed to successfully blame democrats for their mess and -- particularly galling -- for not cleaning it up quicker. Republicans united in their determination to do nothing while democrats were in charge. Democrats largely spent their time defending themselves and squandering their power while they had it.
Maybe, as Colin Powell says, if republicans have control of Congress, they'll feel more responsible and they'll actually work to get things done.