Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rent a Family, Liar and Raunchy Commenter Calls Obama Worst President

As Obama would say, it's sill season. Let the name calling and idiocy begin. I always feel like I'm being mocked during election time. Dan Qualyle son's apparently trying to use his credentials as an all around creep to get elected:
But Quayle, 33, has had to confront a much bigger credibility issue this week after a blogger revealed that he had once been a contributing writer for Dirty Scottsdale, a raunchy, sex-themed website that covered the club scene in his adopted hometown before morphing into the national gossip site

At first, Quayle denied the claim, telling POLITICO on Tuesday that he “was not involved in the site.” But hours later, after blogs, news websites and other media picked up the story, Quayle told several Phoenix TV stations that he had posted on the site “to try to drive some traffic.”

He continued to maintain, however, that he did not post under the pseudonym “Brock Landers,” the name of a porn star in the 1997 flick “Boogie Nights.” Read more at Politico
Presenting himself falsely:
An opponent also recently took him to task for “renting a family” when a mailer underscoring his family values pictured him with two children. Quayle and his wife don’t have children; the pink-clad young girls turned out to be his nieces. msnbc
This guy has some nerve (giant ego) to call Obama the worst president ever and frankly, this commercial is embarrassing-- for him. Is Ben Quayle the best that republicans can dig up?