Thursday, August 26, 2010

Obama To Speak on Iraq Aug. 31

Update: Obama will speak from the Oval Office at 8 pm eastern time.
From Bill Burton:
MR. BURTON: I’d just add to what John said. The President will of course be making a speech on the 31st. Just to short-circuit some of your questions, the venue and time has not yet been determined. But he’ll of course talk about the importance of the milepost that that day is as we change missions in Iraq. He’ll talk about the bravery and the courageousness of American soldiers who’ve fought there. He’ll talk about what our policy will be in Iraq moving forward, and he’ll talk about how that effort relates to and works with our fight against al Qaeda in Afghanistan and all around the world.
Read the rest of the White House press briefing for Aug. 24 here.