Thursday, August 19, 2010

Muslims Pray Daily at Ground Zero

Muslims pray daily at a smaller chapel near Ground Zero. Obama prays daily too -- as a Christian. Surprisingly, many Americans believe Obama is a Muslim. About 18% of Americans surveyed believe Obama is Muslim.
That's a whole lot of ignorance.
But then again, many (if not most) Americans are unable to name the three branches of government.
It's also a shame because those who are pushing the idea that Obama is Muslim are also pushing the idea that Islam is an evil religion and that Christianity is righteous. Americans are becoming increasingly irrational. I'm hoping that it's a temporary setback caused by the economic crisis. I'm hoping when things get back to normal, people will be less fearful and stop looking at their neighbors as the enemy.

Franklin Graham adds to the madness. The media perpetuate right wing propaganda. Meanwhile, Muslims get smeared. Not very Christian like. Some sort of collective mental illness is growing across the country.