Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Biden Reports on Stimulus and Boehner Video Aug. 24

John Boehner apparently gave an economic address today suggesting Obama fire Timothy Geithner and others. I don't know how the republicans are getting away with it, but without a doubt, they do politics better than democrats.
Biden is wrong about the American people though. They're confused right now. All they see is Obama and unemployment and wrongly conclude that it's Obama's fault. Obama didn't cause the recession. It began before he took office. All he's been doing is running around putting out all of the fires. House lust, a lack of financial regulations and tax policies that created more for the haves and less for the have nots, led us into recession.
The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office today reported that the stimulus boosted the economy by as much as 4.5% in the last quarter.
White House fact check on Boenher.